It’s The Thomas Flyer Again

1908 Ad with letter from George Schuster with Monty Roberts at the wheel DAG This may help to clear any inconsistencies. Click Here: For Among the many Monty Roberts posts at the DAG Driving was a “team” effort in 1908 Below: George is standing next to Uncle Sam (Monty is second from right)

Race Car Driver Monty Roberts Obituary NY Times 1957

C. 2008 The Great Auto Race Film Co. Alberta CN.  Thomas Flyer at the New York to Paris Race of 1908. Here you’ll find photos of family ancestor Montague Roberts, who was the driver at the start (in Times Square, New York City). He had to leave at   Wyoming however as he honored his commitment to driveContinue reading “Race Car Driver Monty Roberts Obituary NY Times 1957”