Started it all…

Tattletales! In 1899, four years and probably some attorney’s fees later, Newark, NJ’s Feigenspan Beer would lose a trademark lawsuit by Bass Ratcliff & Gretton brewer of the famous Bass Ale labeled with a red triangle (and said to be the first trademark),  over this label with a “similar color and outline as to beContinue reading “Started it all…”

Model of Monty’s Ride

New construction. Made in Italy Check out ancestor and race car driver Montague Roberts Monty is below at the wheel: Note where steering wheel was placed in 1908 Monty circa Brighton Beach or Vanderbilt Races. Scorecard below. Next Three Pictures:  1905 American Elimination trial to select the five American cars to participate in the second VanderbiltContinue reading “Model of Monty’s Ride”