Gen. Washington Letter to Gen. Huntington

Rocky Hill October 16, 1783
My dear Sir,
                                     Your letter of the 3rd Inst,
which I received a few days since, infor
med me of your intention to retire from
the army.-
                                     Permit me, My dear Sir,
to take this opportunity of expressing
to you my obligations for the support and
assistance I have in the course of the war,
received from your abilities and attachment
To me-
                                      As during our Service toge
ther, you have always possessed my
esteem and affection, so you will now carry
with you every possible wish I can
form for your future happiness.-
I beg you to present my compliments to
Mrs. Huntington & to believe me with great
                  Dear Sir, your most obedient
                        and affectionate servant
                                 GEORGE WASHINGTON

Gen J. Huntington

                           Gen. Washington Letter to Gen. Huntington – 1783

Photos listed on Shorpy.

Shorpy is the very prestigious original photo site. The Gallery has submitted for entry a number of photos over the years. Such as the one above (“S.A.T.C. Barracks Case School of Applied Science” Cleveland 1918)

Go to the SHORPY site where our photos can be seen. And while you’re there, visit the Shorpy Website where there are  of thousands of beautiful hi-res photos. It’s the finest on the web.

Lincoln by the Fire – Campbell Studios – NYC

Lincoln by the Fire is a 20th Century print from an Alfred S. Campbell painting. The first is the original print recently acquired, the second (lower print) is the same but has been cleaned up in the computer for this posting.

Here is the Indiana Historical Society site with the original.

Engraving 1858: The Last Days of Webster at Marshfield

Joseph Ames. The Last Days of Webster at Marshfield. New York Smith & Parmelee, 1858 25 1/4 x 34. Engraved by C. Mottram.