Photos listed on Shorpy.

Shorpy is the very prestigious original photo site. The Gallery has submitted for entry a number of photos over the years. Such as the one above (“S.A.T.C. Barracks Case School of Applied Science” Cleveland 1918) Go to the SHORPY site where our photos can be seen. And while you’re there, visit the Shorpy Website where thereContinue reading “Photos listed on Shorpy.”

Lincoln by the Fire – Campbell Studios – NYC

Lincoln by the Fire is a 20th Century print from an Alfred S. Campbell painting. The first is the original print recently acquired, the second (lower print) is the same but has been cleaned up in the computer for this posting. Here is the Indiana Historical Society site with the original.

Engraving 1858: The Last Days of Webster at Marshfield

Joseph Ames. The Last Days of Webster at Marshfield. New York Smith & Parmelee, 1858 25 1/4 x 34. Engraved by C. Mottram.

Montague Henry Roberts – New York to Paris 1908

Monty Henry Roberts information seems to increase exponentially as the Internet matures–some not totally accurate. Monty was the original driver of the only American entry in the famous 1908 New York to Paris race when it left Times Square in NY City on February 12, 1908. Mr. Roberts had quite a reputation as a racecarContinue reading “Montague Henry Roberts – New York to Paris 1908”

Albertine Randall Wheelan

The Gallery needs more information on Artist Albertine Randall Wheelan. Her print currently hangs in the gallery. This is all we could find on the internet: Albertine Randall Wheelan was born in San Francisco May 27, 1863. She was the youngest of the four children of Albert Gallatin Randall of Eliot, Maine and Anne AugustaContinue reading “Albertine Randall Wheelan”

Race Car Driver Monty Roberts Obituary NY Times 1957

C. 2008 The Great Auto Race Film Co. Alberta CN.  Thomas Flyer at the New York to Paris Race of 1908. Here you’ll find photos of family ancestor Montague Roberts, who was the driver at the start (in Times Square, New York City). He had to leave at   Wyoming however as he honored his commitment to driveContinue reading “Race Car Driver Monty Roberts Obituary NY Times 1957”