New Photograph 1947

Fred Stein’s Marquee – Times Square – 1947 
From the seller: 
Known for his outstanding views of New York City, this one captures the classic view of Times Square with all the lights and hustle.  Cars that are in the foreground.  This is a limited edition estate print printed and signed by his son.  The image measures 10 x 10 inches and in excellent condition.  Not quite perfect but pretty close.  The print is numbered 170/350 and authorized and signed for by his son.  That is all done on the back of the original photograph.  It is housed in the original matte that has the number and title in pencil on it. The information is on the backing of the matte as well with the number and signature of his son.  Wonderful example of the estate prints of one of the better 20th century photographers.  
For those not familiar with the photographer a brief biography from a website that sells his work is below.   ” A German refugee, committed humanist, and early exponent of handheld photography, Fred Stein fled his home country for Paris and later New York, where he captured both the poetry of the streets in joyful photographs and the luminaries of the 20th century in sensitive portraits. Despite the desolation and upheaval of the 1930s and ’40s, Stein found hope and beauty in city streets, taking photographs that conveyed his profound honesty and concern for his fellow human beings. His portrait of Albert Einstein, made in 1946, is perhaps his most famous photograph.”     

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